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Natural Repellents for Cockroaches

This animals really like hot humid weather such as in Indonesia. I hope this will help to resolve the problem in more natural & safe way..:)

  • Fill a spray bottle about half full and add a couple tsp. of peppermint oil. Spray around the outside of your doorways and windows. You can also spray this on kitchen counter tops and inside cabinets.
  • Bay leaves will repel roaches. Place them all around your kitchen and in the cabinets. Just a side note if you place a bay leaf in your bag of flour, you won’t get weevils.
  • Roaches don’t like the smell of cedar. You can pick up essential cedar oil and mix it with some rubbing alcohol in a squirt bottle. Spray around all your doorways and windows. You can also place cedar chips around your home to deter roaches from entering.


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