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How to Make Soy Crayons

This Soy Crayons are made from 85% soybean oil and other natural ingredients, unlike most crayons which are made from petroleum product, paraffin. Soy crayons are biodegradable and made from renewable resources. They don't contain hazardous or toxic materials.

What you need:
~ Hot Plate
~ Muffin tin or candy mold
~ 1 quart pan
~ 1.5 cups fully hydrogenated soybean oil (soyflakes)
~ 4 tsp. color pigment

What to do:

~ Fill the pan with hydrogenated soybean oil
~ Place pan on the hot plate on the low setting
~ Stir occasionally and allow the solid oil to liquified
~ Add 4 tsp color pigment after the oil liquified, stirl evenly.
~ Remove the pan from the heat
~ Pour into muffin tin or candy mold
~ Cool for 30 minutes
~ Remove the crayons from the tin/mold

Enjoy your new crayons!


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