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Homemade Fabric Softener

This recipe is great especially if you have allergy to commercial Fabric Softener.

What you need:
~ 1 cup baking soda
~ 6 cups distilled white vinegar
~ 8 cups water
~ 10-15 drops of essential oils such as orange or lemon (optional)
~ A bucket to mix the recipe
~ 1 gallon container to store it
~ wooden/bamboo stick to stir

What to do:
~ Add baking soda to the bucket
~ Add 1 cup water (to start with)
~ Add the vinegar slowly and stir as you add it, then after stirring real good
~ Add the rest of the water swirling around & cover venting the top a few times
~ Add the essential oils (optional)
~ Use a funnel and pour it into a gallon container
~ Add 1 cup in your final rinse cycle for each load but give the bottle a good shake to stir up the essential oil if using


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