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Meri Zeiff's T-shirt company

I really enjoy and always learning something new after I read Entrepreneur Magazine. This time, I'd like to share one favorite inspirational business person. Her name is Meri Zeiff.

She gave me a good inspirational and hopefully someday I can also follow her footstep starting this kind of business with my own twist off course.

Here are a little bit story about her:

It grated on first-grade teacher Meri Zeiff to see her pupils coming to school with T-shirts emblazoned with "Spoiled Brat" or other negative messages. "That's not how happy kids think. That's how a jaded adult tells a kid to think," she says. She voiced this complaint frequently, often saying that she wanted to create her own shirts for kids. Finally, after several years, her mother
got sick of hearing her talk about it and, in 2006, handed her $2,500 to help her launch verymeri, her Encino, Calif., T-shirt company.

You can read more about her inspirational business here.


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