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(Indonesian Artisans): Batik Dua Sisi by Hermawan Lim

Batik Dua Sisi means Batik Duplex. It is a breakthrough in textile printing which is brought by Hermawan Lim, who had researched and experimentaed for years in creating the perfcect textile printing device. Finally in 2006 he succeeded in printing batik designs on the two sides of the cloth with the first dulex textile printing device of his won creation. "Batiks" using 5 colors could be economically produced in larger quantities and in a realitely short time (days). Cotton, rayon and polyester fabrics may be used with printing technique.

His "Batik Duplex" creations are borne from Hermawan Lim's admiration and love of the traditional batik, and to motivate the development of Indonesian batik.

Batik Dua Sisi offers unique batik style clothes for men and women, the fabrics itself & jewelry line.


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