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Host a Party and make some money..

If you have lots of circle of friends and like to host a party, you might be interested to check House Party and make some money on the side.

Founded in 2005, House Party is dedicated to creating and executing successful, high-impact, consumer activation campaigns for a diverse range of industries and Fortune 1000 companies: NBC, Kraft, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Canon, Gerber and Microsoft Xbox among them.

Today House Party stands alone as the most trusted, influential, comprehensive medium for generating in-home marketing results. In today’s economic environment, smart marketers recognize that House Party events represent a particularly effective way to target and activate consumers – to connect with them in an intimate, interactive, fun environment that no other medium can match.

Successful from the beginning, House Party continues to grow and prosper, reflecting the simple yet powerful idea that structured social marketing works, for clients and consumers alike.


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